Facebook dark how to try it in advance

Facebook dark how to try it in advance

Mark Zuckerberg is in the process of adding the dark theme to Facebook too.

This can be understood from a roll out decidedly aimed at a few devices and with an apparent undefined logic.

In our country there are many reports of users who have received the update, especially on iOS, obtaining the long-awaited dark mode.

And for those who have not yet received the update?

We once again used the developer options, with a substantial difference that we will explain below, thus obtaining an application with a dark theme in full.

There is no doubt that many reader friends will not have the patience to perform small operations, either because they do not like to change the settings of their smartphone, or because for them Facebook in dark mode is not a priority.

Just as a curiosity, for those who want it, you will find below the instructions we have widely tested, obviously on a limited number of devices, but with excellent results.

These operations that we are going to perform do not require root and are absolutely reversible

Facebook dark how to try it in advance:

You must first download the Alpha version v280. of Facebook from the browser at this address.

Once the update is installed (attention may only apply to the stable version and not to the beta), we restart Facebook.

Once the installation is complete, we activate the developer options (click 7 times on the build item in the software info) and go to “force night mode”.

Now in the settings-applications we enter the Facebook app, select storage memory and clear the cache and data, otherwise we will have an excessive overheating of the device.

Our dark Facebook version should be ready.

Facebook dark how to try it in advance

N.B every time you restart your smartphone you will need to activate the “force night mode” item in the developer options.

Well at this point I used Facebook dark, but I want to go back to the stable version

Access the settings-applications again and click on the Facebook app, in the upper right corner the three vertical dots will indicate “uninstall updates”.

Restart Facebook and wait for it to update normally

On some devices, to hide the developer options, simply deactivate them, where it is not possible, deselect “force night mode”.

We don’t think it will take much longer for a wider release of the dark theme for Facebook

Indeed the Alpha versions are the first alarm bell that something is about to happen.

If you have tried to follow our directions and Facebook dark works on your device (indicating both brand and series), please let us know in the comments.

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