Note 20 Samsung’s moves

Note 20 Samsung’s moves

We consumers are obviously inclined to adopt a mobile phone and, over time, to continue to buy the next series.

Samsung has not met expectations with the Galaxy S20, in all honesty too many complications of the photographic sector, although to be honest the brand has made up for it with frequent updates.

Note 20 the turning point or a step backwards?

Restoring the flat screen (most noticeable on the Galaxy S20) was appreciated by users.

Note 20 will probably have a flat screen, leaving in the archives the famous curves that made history of the South Korean manufacturer’s display.

It is time to change, both Chinese and US brands (Apple editor’s note) have realized that changes are needed.

Note 20 may not have the screen frequency at 120 Hz

Ice Universe (very well informed about the products at the debut) in a tweet raises a doubt not a little.

Note 20 Samsung's moves

TechRadar, a well-known international technology site, says:

However, the rumor highlights another fundamental change, as it confirms that Samsung will abandon the curved glass coating present in its latest Note smartphones in favor of a classic Galaxy S20 style flat screen.Its already rumored 1080p resolution is easy enough to predict, the device will certainly be smaller than the alleged Galaxy Note 20 Plus, but the idea that Samsung maintains an already obsolete 60Hz display in its next flagship product of 2020 seems very much less likely. Especially considering that every model in this year’s Galaxy S20 range features a 120Hz display.

The new devices (whose presentation should take place in streaming on August 5 p.v) would be a “clone” of the S20.

, Snapdragon 865 and

Batteries with equal or less capacity (4,300 mAh for the Note 20 and 4,500 mAh for the Note 20 Ultra?), processors   Snapdragon 865 and Exynos 990  (European and Asian variant), therefore they will not be unified on the devices of the various markets, as loudly asked by users.

Moral of the story, slightly larger screen (6.9 inches) but flat, cameras quite similar to the Galaxy S20.

In a month and a half, however, Samsung will present both the Note 20 and the Fold 2.

We will follow the live with you hoping that this time Ice Universe has made a bad forecast.


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