Note20 will have its “Ultra”

Note20 will have its “Ultra”

The latest rumors, very recent among other things, did not refer in any way to a third model for the future Note 20.

In fact  we only talked about Note 20 and Note 20+, whose cameras could somehow be quite similar to the Galaxy S20 series.

Here is some useful information, peeking out a few months after the probable streaming presentation (if it doesn’t change something with the world health emergency). says Note 20 Ultra has obtained Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group) certification

So not only rumors, but black on white, despite Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, who recently said that the Note20 series will not have an Ultra model and that it will only have the Note20 and Note20 + models.

Maybe this time Ross Young didn’t see it right

Note20 will have its "Ultra"

The Bluetooth SIG certifications of smartphones do not mention the trade name of the device. On the screen, the Bluetooth SIG certification of the Galaxy Note20 Ultra clearly mentions its name, confirming that the device exists. [SmartPrice]

Android Authority is holding back enthusiasm

The Android agency is not entirely wrong, on the contrary, it argues its perplexities comprehensively:

The certification lists the model number of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra as SM-N986U. This model number had previously been associated with the expected Galaxy Note 20 Plus in the early rumors.

In theory therefore Ultra could replace Note 20+.

The fact is that the Bluetooth certification makes mention of the Note20 Ultra model without if and without but, which is also version 5.0, not the last in chronological order

Bluetooth Core  v5.1


In the PDF file you will find all the features. Put simply the bluetooth version 5.0 is not the latest but it is the same as the Galaxy S20.


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