Google Covid-19 notifications

Google Covid-19 notifications

Lots of users have noticed a new entry in the Google app, logging in from their phone settings.

It seems to understand that most have deduced that it was a real application in order to track exposure to the virus.

It is not exactly like that

About fifteen days ago, both Google and Apple, united in a statement, clarified a detail that is absolutely not insignificant.

 Apps related to the notification of exposure to Covid-19, will have to respect the impositions of the two American giants.

The aforementioned will be able to take advantage of the geolocation position for the sole purpose of detecting bluetooth devices (which will not have to be activated if the user has ordered the disconnection of the editor’s note).

The location cannot be used for Covid-19 exposure notifications

By carefully reading what is reported under the heading services- notifications of exposure to Covid-19, Google carefully informs Android users on the steps to be taken for the new function.

The first thing to do is to install the application of the competent public health authorities

To know more about the apps you must necessarily consult the site in charge (Ministry of Health).

It then provides all the assistance of how to start using the application, bluetooth activation / deactivation, pairing between devices and other very useful information.

If you want to consult the info provided, you will find how to uninstall the Covid-19 exposure notification app.

If the latter is paid, it is confirmed in detail that it can be installed again without having to buy it again.

We have carefully read what reported and we believe that absolutely Google this time has used fraudulent means to deceive the owners of Android smartphones.

On the contrary, it has well exposed the privacy rules and how to best use any applications provided by the Government.

Yes, you read that right, because the government neither Google nor Apple will supply them, they only provided the APIs for their development, in order to avoid abuse of the position and a disproportionate growth of exposure notification apps in the respective stores.

We thought it useful to say our opinion, not in defense of Google or Apple

Simply in order to reassure if necessary, those who believed in an occult move to track the movements with the smartphone on us without our explicit consent.


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